PIA, [the design studio and atelier of Designer, Natasha Pia Podgoretsky, known simply as Pia]
was born out of a desire to create and champion objects consciously woven in light, that
invoke and adorn our super nature as a visual cue when in and worn in our presence. 

As a designer PIA is fascinated with being an untethered spark that can strike the heart like a
lightning bolt in an understated rebellious kapow. 

All of the objects of resilience conjure the intention of lightning projecting out from the
wearer, infusing their inner flames into a presence of strength and wisdom that cues the
guardian. This concept of invoking the super nature within our self as a source to fuel our
 force to be reckoned with, is drawn from a vivid childhood memory, in which Pia held light
tightly in the palms of her hand with closed eyes, feeling the light inside her thoughts
emboldening her. 

The collection channels the use of affirming gemstones chosen intuitively, while also
channeling a rebellious aesthetic, homed in on Pia's travels, her music schooling from great
lyricists in The Cure, Sparks Lights and Flames and the Smashing Pumpkins to her bestfriends
that were skateboarders and graffiti artists. Pieces are cast and made to measure with heart
in NYC and Taos, New Mexico using Fairmined Gold and Recycled Silver, Gold and Platinum.
This series is available exclusively online and by appointment only. 

PIA is a British/American dual national Designer who grew up in the esoteric landscapes of
Cornwall and the UK Southern Coast, rich in legends, archaeology and local artistries.
After moving to London to attend the University of Arts for Graphic Design and Visual
Communication inspired by the works of David Carson, she moved onward to New York City
to become a Creative Director.
She lives in Taos, New Mexico, with her partner and their 3 children.